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IBE Barter

Looking to grow your business? We're here to help.

New Customers!

Build new business relationships through the IBE business community while enjoying the benefits of trading with a modern alternative currency.

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Save Cash

Grow your revenue by saving cash when making purchases using your IBE Modern Alternative Currency™.

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No more chasing accounts receivables

One and done. Call IBE or go to your IBE online account to authorize trades for your IBE customers.

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No more down time

It's easy. Barter your down time with new customers through IBE . New customers coming through your door, now that's what we're talking about!

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No more unsold goods

No need to discount your idle excess inventory to cash paying customers when you can receive full retail price by selling your hard goods to your IBE Community customers.

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No more unexpected expenses

IBE uses barter as a tool to market, build, and grow your company by becoming an extension of your sales and marketing team.

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IBE Barter Means...

Community. Commerce. Currency.

Build your business through a business community that creates commerce with the use of the IBE Modern Alternative Currency™.

IBE is a community of professional businesses that want to build long term, fun and lasting relationships. Bringing new business through your door and saving you cash. A community that keeps on giving.

Your new IBE Barter relationships help to stimulate, build and grow commerce in your local community. Keep it local or let IBE help you experience nationwide trading through our reciprocal trading partners.

IBE is your Modern Alternative Currency™. Get what you want. Use what you have. A new and better way to do business locally and nationwide.

We do things differently

IBE is Gathering Smart Business Owners With a Common Purpose – to Upgrade Their Businesses!

IBE Barter has the largest regional barter exchange on Florida’s gulf coast. We are inviting your business to join the IBE Barter Business Community as we expand our reach into your community.

IBE Brings 29 years of experience working with thousands of Regional, National and International Trading Business Partners.

Feel The Results with IBE Barter, Since 1991

Your competitors will wonder what your secret sauce is!

Greg's Story

Tag along with Greg as he goes on his 3 minute journey and gains a better understanding on how to make his already successful business even better.

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