Technology for the Mobile Trader – Process Transactions with Your Phone

One simple process with so many possibilities.

Growing adoption rates are placing smartphones in more hands across the world, bringing about new connectivity and possibility. On one hand, we are able to connect to others. On the other, we are mainly just connected to our technology. Pick any stat you want. Hours per day. Minutes. Number of times we check our phones. It’s a lot, no matter how you slice it.

Researchers have also found that most cell phone usage is only in short bursts. For the better, phones have created a great deal of functionality to make simple transactions easier and faster.

Our phones have become our livelihood, linking us to friends and family, managing our calendars and bank accounts, and now being used at tremendous growth rates for payments.

Brief Overview on the Evolution of mobile phone payments transactions

There was a time I might trade you my chicken eggs for your corn. This rudimentary transaction was known as the barter system, which dates back as far as recorded history. Essentially, it involves the exchanging of agreed upon goods or services. We all do this on some level nearly everyday. We trade our side of fries for our friend’s cookie. Children trade eating broccoli for time spent playing video games. Photographers may offer free sessions to a web developer in exchange for online design services. Used in passing now, it was the predominant means of “buying” things. Barter systems eventually gave way to currency. Today, the ability to pay with your phone is rising. Mobile barter trading is growing fast, even outpacing the growth of mobile phones and the networks that carry them.

It’s All about the Trader Experience!

Payments are a great start. They’re functional. They help you get things like concert tickets or clothes. In a lot of ways, payments are a primary service that make it easy to move money from one place to another. But today, barter companies are moving beyond just payments and creating automated processes. Payments may be the central component, but in order to compete for increasingly distracted consumer attention, Barter Companies need to create a more complete mobile technology platform.

For restaurants, high traffic retail, and service locations, a mobile app can be downloaded to your cell phone that provides the user the experience of a typical “credit card” type transaction. These mobile apps are not connected through a merchant provider (no associated merchant fees or batch settlement processes) but have been designed to simply connect directly to a bartering system through the internet to process a transaction.

Discover the IBE Smart Phone App

International Barter Exchange better known as IBE Barter is proud to introduce the first and only fully functional mobile app for the barter industry. The IBE Barter mobile app allows access to numerous IBE Barter online functions on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. This new technology provides the power of exchange to work from the palm of your hand. Now you can check your IBE account, view statements, process transactions and much more totally effortlessly while you are on the go.

With hundreds of cardholders locally and over 500,000 businesses through our network, IBE Barter Exchange in Sarasota is helping local businesses increase sales, build customer loyalty and tap into new markets while conserving cash -- All by bartering goods and services within the IBE membership network.

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