The Customer Loyalty Agency Helping Businesses “Get Found” on the Internet

When you can have it all, why settle for less? Oh, we know this is a cliché. But, really, when one company can satisfy your marketing, social media exposure, and website design under one roof while keeping you ahead of the game in campaign management and email marketing, why waste your time with anyone else? Customer Loyalty Agency is your one-stop digital marketing agency focusing on a “your success equals our success” mantra. Somebody must lead the pack. Why not you?

Proven Track Record

The game is in the name and “Customer Loyalty” says it all. With professionals on top of trends and innovators catapulting your SEO beyond your fiscal dreams, Customer Loyalty Agency can reform and reintroduce your business. Success begets success, and our legion of clients will attest to expectations being exceeded and growth exploding. Offering local SEO and creating fast and attractive mobile-friendly websites is what CLA prides itself on, and that is just a fraction of the money-saving and client-growing tools at their disposal.

Watch your Business Grow!

Whether you are in the market to grow your social media presence or improve your Google Rankings, launch an important campaign, or attract a sector of clientele you have not pursued before, Customer Loyalty Agency can propel you to levels yet unseen. Wanting to send a cohesive email blast with plans on how to expand your potentials list and follow up with clients on the fence now, but ready to jump at your business opportunities later? CLA is the only organization poised to take your business where you have always wanted, and to give you the comfort and satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your labor bloom. Not only are they a step ahead of the competition in marketing strategies, but they are also always available for ongoing impeccable customer help and satisfaction.

Why Customer Loyalty Agency?

As partner at Customer Loyalty Agency, Dean Herington, Jr. explains, the novelty of his company works like this. “Many companies specialize, but we do all of the above. From A to Z, we do it all and do it well.” From local SEO to international Ecommerce, the team at Customer Loyalty Agency are helping businesses from pest control to Dentists achieve their dreams. In this age of split-second attention, CLA gives you the Google exposure you need to make sure your name pops up first. And as the mantra goes for Dean and the team at Customer Loyalty Agency, “your success equals their success.”

IBE Allows Savings to be Passed on to Customers

Over the years, Dean Herington has participated in seven barter exchange programs and has learned what makes for a successful bartering company and one that can stand the test of time and satisfaction of its members. With that knowledge and experience in hand, Dean is confident the leadership and membership that IBE offers will be invaluable. Dean’s recent partnership with IBE is already leading to new lead generation and the ability to hang on to cash, utilizing bartering for incidentals like auto repair, dentists, dining, and vacation rentals.

Bartering Perks

If you are new to bartering, International Barter Exchange is an industry leader growing businesses and forging partnerships since 1991. Allowing members to hang on to their cash while using bartering to cover fixed assets such as copier repair, AC servicing, plumbing, electrical and other items that always seem to eat up profits has proven profitable. IBE has become a bridge to having more freedom to use your money as you want, all while enjoying fine dining, vacations, and hotel accommodations without having to spend a dime.